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Dedicated to the core, the genre-fluid masters write jingles and opuses alike, perform 100% live with real vocals and instrumental prowess, and are capable of transporting an audience to the past, present, and future.


Squiggle Tooth is now performing music of the My Magical Wonderland album, new material, and the shows frequently also feature tributes to classic influential bands.

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Progressive metal band Lufeh (of both Brazilian and American musicians) creates an  experience, meandering through jazz styles, heavy metal foundations, and rhythmic Brazilian influences. The mind expanding sonic journey is something new and interesting to listen to.

Full video album "Luggage Falling Down" - OUT NOW!

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No tribute band on Earth captures the energy, musicality, and essence of the legendary rock band Styx as well as the astounding STYXOLOGY - Styx Tribute band. It's created and led by a group of passionate Styx fanatics so you know the band truly has the aptitude to take you places with their performance. Plus no other band in history has ever covered, in one show, such a wide and thorough palate of the discography of the band that does it all- STYX.

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