This is my baby, my soul, and the thing I'll be doing for the rest of my life. Go to Initiator's website or social media and check out our original music!

Initiator features Michael Whelan, Mike Hetzel, the new addition of Scott Connor, and myself going ape (as the kids call it) on our instruments and making Adventure music. People say its the best thing they've hear outta me. First album drops this year.


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No tribute band on Earth captures the energy, musicality, and essence of the legendary rock band Styx as well as the astounding STYXOLOGY - Styx Tribute band. It's created and led by a group of passionate Styx fanatics so you know the band truly has the aptitude to take you places with their performance. Plus no other band in history has ever covered, in one show, such a wide and thorough palate of the discography of the band that does it all- STYX.


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They play what the other cover bands are afraid to play! Wanna hear a band that has the prowess to cover YES, RUSH, KING CRIMSON, PINK FLOYD, STYX, KANSAS, and QUEEN? So do tons of audiences!! When people come see Progworld live, they can't prepare themselves for the mega-overload of musical power that hits the stage and they leave with dropped jaws (from awe) and sore muscles (from air drumming).

Progworld plays all the adventurous classics with stunning note for note accuracy, and 100% live.


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Want me to play your piano bar? Your party? Want a one man show with crazy keyboard sounds and powerhouse singing featuring originals, covers, or both? Whatever it is, I'm your guy! When I jump on the piano, it's inevitable that people will be singing along at the top of their lungs, screaming their favorite requests, and asking for more and more.


I've entertained piano bar guests from midnight to breakfast, Christmas party guests from Jingle Bells to Metallica, and when you hire me... well, you'll be happy you did! :)

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